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Cooper Norman

Since our founding by E. LeGrande Nelson in 1954, Cooper Norman has grown to become the #1 public accounting firm in reputation for quality service and innovative planning ideas. Approximately 30 years ago, we adopted the goal of becoming the number one provider of financial consulting services to the Idaho dairy industry.

Today, our dairy clients milk approximately 50% of the cows in Idaho. This goal was accomplished through our unwavering commitment to the dairy industry. Our firm and our team of professionals have invested significant hours and resources to gain a working knowledge of not just your financial statements, but also herd health, reproduction and dairy management concepts. We believe it is the combination and relationship of these disciplines that enable us to be Idaho’s premier dairy accounting firm.

Cooper Norman provides all of the traditional financial and tax services. In addition, we consult with each of our dairy clients, utilizing industry averages from our wide range of Idaho dairy clients, to help you maximize your operating efficiencies. We also provide consulting services such as negotiating and evaluating financing alternatives, forecasts and projections, cost of production analysis, estate and transition planning to younger generations, and tax planning strategies.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

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