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Environmental Stewardship

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Environmental Stewardship

Our Goal

IDA Consulting Services Inc. was created to bring nutrient and water management services to the dairymen of Idaho. Our goal is to develop comprehensive nutrient management plans based on the most recent guidelines available to give the greatest benefit and protection to dairymen. We are excited to provide several services that could benefit your farm in the future. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Rick Naerebout or Megan Satterwhite for further information.


IDA Consulting Services aims to increase the awareness, knowledge, and understanding of issues surrounding environmental sustainability, soil health, water quality, and nutrient management. Increasing knowledge in these areas will help achieve IDA’s social, economic, and environmental sustainability goals.


Through nutrient management efforts and implementation of best management practices, dairymen and farmers can decrease their environmental footprint. With greater expectations from consumers, IDA Consulting services, Inc. is dedicated to using the best tools available to decrease the impact of agriculture on water quality in the state.

IDA has committed to help the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (IDEQ) implement Public Water System regulations on dairy facilities that qualify. IDA also has a staff person present for all the inspections to help facilitate the relationship between the dairy producer and IDEQ.


IDA Consulting Services recognizes the value of manure resources and is committed to increasing awareness of the benefits associated with good manure management. Record keeping, soil and manure sampling, manure handling, and appropriate nutrient (organic and inorganic) application rates based on crop yield expectations are important aspects of good nutrient management. IDA Consulting Services will provide resources to assist in the execution of agronomically sound management practices.


Soil health is vitally important for the future production potential of Idaho’s farmlands. IDA Consulting Services encourages adoption of manure management and soil fertility practices that prevent erosion and nutrient loss.

Long-term Manure Study

The Long-Term Manure Study is an eight-year (2012-2020) study to evaluate the effects of dairy manure application in a common crop rotation in southern Idaho. The objective of the study is to gain a better understanding of how repeated dairy manure applications effect crop yield, crop quality, and soil health. This is a cooperative research project with funding and support from the USDA-Agriculture Research Service, Idaho Dairymen’s Association, Idaho Barley Commission, Idaho Wheat Commission, Idaho Potato Commission, and the University of Idaho.

Check out the newest information on the project here.

A presentation on the study can be found here.


The centrifuge separator study was created to measure the efficiency and financial feasibility of owning a centrifuge separator. This was a cooperative research project with funding and support from the Idaho Dairymen's Association, IDEAL, and the University of Idaho.

All of the findings are presented in an easy-to-read booklet format, found here.


Irrigation management practices that conserve water while maintaining yield expectations and crop rotations that require less water than traditional silage and forages could be tools to decrease water consumption. New technologies and management strategies will be important to tackle issues surrounding water quality and quantity in the future, and IDA Consulting Services will strive to bring these technologies to Idaho.


The goal of the IDEAL Foundation is to support scientific activities and results that validate current best management practices while generating new methods for the livestock industry. IDEAL achieves that goal by:
– Raising financial support for the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) in partnership with the University of Idaho and the College of Southern Idaho
– Focusing on environmental and economic sustainability in the livestock industry, with a major emphasis on dairy
– Investing in research and innovation that have the potential to protect and improve the environment


The dairy industry is highly regulated. Idaho’s dairies are committed to working with regulators and inspectors to ensure the highest quality, freshest, most wholesome products for processors, producers and consumers. In 2015, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture made the following dairy inspections:
– 1,819 Sanitation Inspections
– 1,499 Environmental Inspections
– 85 Ammonia Emissions Inspections
– 100 Nutrient Management Reviews, Approvals, Verifications and CAFO Site Evaluations
– 13 Nutrient Regulatory Letters Issued
*542 total dairies and 572,576 total milk cows in Idaho



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