Idaho Dairymen's Association

From our president



From Our President

Since 1944, the Idaho Dairymen’s Association (IDA) has worked tirelessly to develop and sustain the Idaho dairy industry, while protecting and promoting the health and welfare of the public.

We have seen remarkable growth in our industry, which is currently producing more than 13.4 billion pounds of milk per year and sustaining more than 540,000 dairy cows. We are wholly committed to the growth of Idaho’s dairy industry, and to the continued success of our dairy farmers, families and workers.

Idaho dairy farms currently support more than 23,000 jobs, which makes the dairy industry one of the largest economic drivers in Idaho. As such, the IDA shoulders the responsibility of ensuring the continued growth of Idaho dairy and the thousands of jobs that it supports.

With so many jobs and such an impact on Idaho’s economy, the Idaho dairy industry is seeing growth trends well beyond the national dairy industry. As you’ll see throughout this site, Idaho dairy is well above the national average for growth.

As we continue to see changes in the global dairy market, Idaho will continue to pride itself on quality, freshness and reliability. The evidence of Idaho’s dairy quality is undisputable, as shown by the recent building of the world’s largest yogurt manufacturing plant in our state.

As we have since our creation, the IDA will continue to advance the interests of Idaho’s dairies. We will advance legislation and support causes that promote the quality and sustainability of our industry. I am looking forward to yet another year of being part of the best dairymen’s association in the world, bar none!

President, Idaho Dairymen’s Association