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Glanbia Foods

Glanbia Foods is an American-style cheese manufacturer and a division of global nutritional powerhouse Glanbia plc., a publicly traded international company based in Ireland. The division is headquartered in Idaho and is a top producer of American-style cheese. Partnering with top-quality milk producers from the third-and ninth-ranked U.S. dairy producing states, Glanbia produces 900 million pounds of cheese (403k metric tons) annually that is sold in more than 30 countries. The division employs approximately 1,200 people at its U.S. headquarters, innovation center, and five manufacturing facilities in Idaho and New Mexico.

Glanbia’s standard cheese offerings include mild cheddar, medium cheddar, Colby-jack, pepper jack, Monterey Jack, and Gouda, plus a variety of mainstream specialty cheeses. Glanbia’s manufacturing facilities produce cheese in 40-pound block, 640-pound block, and 540-pound barrel formats. In addition to a wide variety of cheese products, Glanbia provides customers with a dedicated research facility boasting on-site cheese experts and access to cutting-edge technology and equipment.

While the company’s name may not be instantly recognizable, chances are very high if you eat cheese you’ve experienced Glanbia’s award-winning products firsthand. The company sells bulk cheese to processors that cut, wrap, and slice cheese for retail and foodservice applications. If you buy private-label cheese in the grocery store or eat in the top-100 fast-food restaurants, you’ve enjoyed Glanbia cheese.

Awards, Quality Information, Certifications, or Highlights

  • Glanbia Foods has received more than 80 U.S.
    and World Cheese Championship medals.
  • Glanbia U.S. cheese is made from farms with milk
    suppliers that comply 100 percent with the National
    Milk Producers Federation FARM animal welfare
    assurance system.
  • All of Glanbia’s manufacturing facilities are:
    – USDA certified
    – SQF Level 3 certified
  • In addition to basic certifications, Glanbia’s
    Blackfoot, Idaho, manufacturing facility is:
    – Organic certified*
    – rBST free certified*
    – Halal certified
    – Kosher certified*


Becky Pearson
Cheese Sales Manager
Phone: +1.208.735.4100