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Gossner Foods, Inc.

Gossner Foods is a family owned and operated corporation headquartered in Logan, Utah. Edwin Gossner sought to continue his many years of cheese-making experience by forming his own company in 1966. That company is nearly 50 years old and is now one of the largest Swiss cheese companies in the United States with plants in Logan, Utah, and Heyburn, Idaho. Between the two locations, Gossner Foods has nearly 550 employees and processes milk from more than 350 dairy farm families.

Gossner Foods produces 60 million pounds of Swiss cheese annually — about 18 percent of all Swiss produced in the United States. In addition to Swiss cheese, the company makes Baby Swiss, Reduced Fat Swiss, and Muenster. Gossner also operates a state-of-the-art cheese aging and packaging facility capable of producing loaf, slice, chunk, shred, and profile for slicing. The company packages private-label foodservice and retail packages for some of the largest dairy companies in the United States.

The company began producing UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk in 1982. This milk, which is aseptically packaged and shelf stable, is high quality and great for everyday use. With more than three decades of UHT experience, the company has become one of the largest UHT milk plants in the United States and exports milk all over the world.

The Gossner organization utilizes over 2.5 million pounds of milk each day. This milk is produced from local grade-A dairy farms that proudly produce rBST-free milk. When you see the Gossner brand on your favorite cheese or milk, rest assured you’re purchasing the highest quality product.


Jason Simper
Sales Manager

Kelli Luthi
Aseptic General Manager
Phone: +1.435.752.9365