Idaho Dairymen's Association

from our director



From Our Director

The Idaho dairy industry is significant. As the third largest dairy producer in the country, Idaho’s dairy products and bi-products are popular with food manufacturers and consumers.

In response to changes in the industry, IDA continues to endorse and promote legislation that benefits and keeps the best interests of the dairies and their employees in mind.

The Idaho dairy families and workers are the heart of this industry. I am moved by the overwhelming commitment of the dairy families and workers across the state. Their unwavering support allows us to produce quality products and, in-turn, grow revenues and enhance the local and regional economies.

As the focus in Washington D.C. turns toward immigration reform, IDA is watching closely to ensure the best interests of our dedicated dairy workers and our state are a priority for policymakers. I am grateful to our local, state and federal elected leaders who work tirelessly to protect and promote our dairy families.

The Idaho dairy industry consistently ranks higher in revenues that any other agriculture commodities produced in Idaho. From our farms to the tables of people all around the world, Idaho will continue to provide consumers with the highest quality milk and dairy products. We are proud of our global reach and will continue to strive to export our goods into markets far outside of Idaho.

Executive Director, Idaho Dairymen’s Association