Idaho Dairymen's Association

Public Policy

Public Policy

The Idaho Dairymen’s Association recognizes milk and dairy products to be some of the finest foods available for human consumption and therefore supports quality production of our dairy products. We prioritize our role in the market by influencing public policy to encourage increased dairy production and consumption. Check out this link for a full review of IDA policy.

Immigration Reform

IDA recognizes the need for a competent and stable supply of labor on the dairy farms of Idaho and, therefore, supports programs to meet these needs.

The people who make up foreign born labor in America are hard working, family-oriented individuals. They are assets to our communities and critical resources for the success of our agriculture production.

Costs associated with deportation not only negatively affect our federal budget, they also impact our local communities by breaking up families, reducing the available workforce and raising the cost of goods.

The Idaho Dairymen’s Association has long supported smart, responsible immigration reform. IDA seeks to address economic and national security issues often at the center of immigration debates. Specifically, IDA supports:

  • An affordable, efficient guest worker program that ensures continued availability of immigrant labor for all agriculture, including dairy

  • A provision that allows immigrants currently employed or with recent employment history in the US to earn the right to work legally, without having to go back to their country of origin

  • A provision that specifies that the responsibility for ultimate verification of the legal status of a worker lies with the government, not employers

Animal Care & Welfare policy

IDA recognizes that an integral part of good animal husbandry practices includes comfort and sanitation, which will benefit both producers and consumers.

These practices improve efficiency and profitability for the producer and provide a healthy, wholesome product to the consumer at a reasonable price.

IDA supports management practices on Idaho’s dairy operations that promote health, reduce stress and protect the animal from unnecessary injury and pain. Idaho’s dairymen support:

  • Good husbandry practices that improve production efficiency

  • Prudent and humane use of animals for food, clothing, enjoyment and biomedical research

  • Human transportation and handling of animals

  • Permanent animal identification to establish rightful ownership, avoid theft and to trace and recognize diseased and/ or contaminated animals

To further IDA’s animal care and welfare policy priorities, the organization endorses the National Milk Producers Federation Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Animal Care Manual.

Dairy research programs

IDA supports dairy research that adds value to all Idaho dairy producers and believes that research should be visionary in its scope to meet the future needs of the Idaho dairy industry with funding of those programs to be the responsibility of the state, the industry and ally industries. As a partner in building the new Idaho National Center for Livestock Environmental Studies (INCLES), IDA will be serve an important role in understanding the livestock industry’s impact on the environment while researching and demonstrating control technologies that will be affordable and efficient. View IDA’s policy on administrative expenses related to research funding here.