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Vault Technologies

Vault Technologies

Vault Technologies is a dairy farm financial projection software that helps guide partial allocation and risk management decisions for dairymen. The software automatically combines farm data with futures prices to create a two-year financial forecast for businesses and offers a data-driven road map to help dairy farmers achieve their business goals. Vault has tapped into today's newest technologies to connect all relevant data and turn it in to actionable insights. It uses that data to view capital allocation decisions in a user-friendly and interactive way.

Vault's milk check calculator uses federal order or proprietary pay price formulas to project the milk check for the next two years. Vault's feed projections tap into data from the feed software to set a budget that can tie to market prices for real-time cost analysis. Vault's hedging pages show an understandable view of the portfolio and future risk management decisions. Vault even has the ability to build scenarios to stress test each business.

A dairy's Vault is the place where key suppliers can come together to help dairy farmers make those decisions. Whether it be the accountant, consultant, nutritionist, banker or co-operative, dairy farmers can discuss issues facing their businesses with transparency on Vault's platform. It is available in the cloud, meaning dairy farmers can download Vault's app to their smart phone or tablet and have the data at their fingertips wherever they go.

Protect profitability with Vault Technologies, dairy decision management software my dairymen for dairymen.

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