Idaho Dairymen's Association

Worker Training & Safety

Dairy Worker Training & Safety Program

IDA recently began the Idaho Dairy Worker Training and Safety Program in July of 2017. Ryan DeWit joined the Idaho Dairymen’s Association staff in May 2017 to head up the program. This is a new program designed to provide Idaho’s dairy workers with ongoing job training, while increasing safety awareness—from employee to owner. The program is a joint effort of Idaho’s dairymen and processors, focused on meeting the expectations of dairy consumers in regards to worker training and safety.

What is "dairy worker training & safety"?

  • A joint effort between Idaho Dairymen’s Association and Idaho Milk Processors Association

  • Developing, updating, and delivering authentic, on-farm training modules in native languages

  • Providing ongoing training to dairy workers

  • Facilitating 1-on-1 education using iPads

  • Promoting worker health and safety

  • Aiding and assisting dairymen with safety regulations

  • Record-keeping and reporting assistance

  • Providing documentation of safety training

  • Producer education

  • Compliance consulting

Stockmanship Videos

Click the following link to see some of the videos that dairy employees will watch.